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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. asian
Location ,
School. Med Col of Penn and Hahnemann U
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Thursday. 10.26.06 3:13 pm
im tired and butt tired!...but im excited that the next two days i WONT be working!..im excited!...YES i am Yes i am.....but i'll be busy anyways....So what can i say, my aunt and uncle are here in MN!!..it's been too long since we've seen them like 6yrs too long...i almost cried when i saw them....they're like second parents to us...they're the bomb!..lol...but let's see...the boyfriend realm these days are getting tired and old...i dont know, i want to be single again but Josh is so happy being w/ me and i mean i am happy too dont get me wrong but it's just too much w/ school, work, family, friends, and trying to balance a boyfriend....i heart the dork but i dont know...maybe im just overthinking....he's my boyfriend, my friend and my big kid..lol...what can i say?..lol..but idk...i guess whatever...

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my birthday!
Friday. 9.29.06 10:34 am
YAY!!...so my birthday is tomorrow but by some odd chance, people keeping telling me happy birthday today....I'm pretty sure my birthday isnt til tomorrow..lol...but anyways, i gots no plan for my birthday!...OMG!..what am i going to do for my birthday?...im turning the big 19..lol...im not that old yet..lol..but my gosh this week has gone by so fast....it's been crazy hectic....but we went up to UWRF yesterday and had lots of fun...played badmitton w/ these girls and out of no where, the net litterally just ripped..it was hilarious....than we played air hockey, pool and fooseball..it was a blast...lol..but the whole down side to this was ditching out on the boyfriend...he was pretty mad but hey!..spent the freaking morning w/ him and about 3hrs w/ him before i went w/ the girls...holy crap though, it was funny!...so i went and saw him in the morning yesterday and we we sitting in the car and as he leaned over to kiss me, his mom pulled up!..holy moley...it was funny but yet scary at the same time...he was just like "DRIVE!"..it was funny!...so i drove around the block and dropped him off at his neighbors house...lol..that was my thursday morning..funny huh?

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Happy Times
Thursday. 9.21.06 1:41 pm
AHHH!!!....it stupid how you think relationships suck but they dont if you find the person you can get along with.....what can i say, i'm just lucky i guess that my guy isnt too much of an a-hole....but i'm happy....i dont even know what to really say b/c i have the best times with the dork and it's awesome...lol..so yesterday, we spent 2hours coming up with a list to what we should do for future dates...it was quite actually funny b/c he came up with shopping and i didnt even think about that..it was funny...and make out made the list about 4 times...hahahaha....anyways we went and saw the black dahliah...it was confusing and wierd but it was okay i guess...i suggest the movie if you want to past some time...or just make out with the guy....

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Sunday. 9.10.06 1:22 pm
i hate, so last night, we kissed eachother goodnight and i just called him and he's sick....damn it...i think i gave him mono..lol..i really hope it wasnt me though!..lol..im sad though b/c i only talked to him for like 20mins and im not use to going a day without talking to him or seeing him...*TEAR*....so he's laying in bed falling asleep on me...he sucks!..but im just glad that he's sick today and not tomorrow on our usual walking days!..how I miss him already...lol...blah..blah blah..

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Wednesday. 9.6.06 8:16 am
so, i've been talking to this guy lately and ofcourse, if you know me, i have a tendency to do the whole out of race thing...but anyways, im not sure anymore if it's what i want...i dont know...after talking to my sister about it, i keep thinking to myself about the whole "who you can live without"...i love my parents and i dont think i can live without them but what if it's meant to be?...which i doubt but i mean in general what if im meant to marry out of race?...it's weird b/c i wouldnt do so much thinking about things like this....i mean he's perfect in ALMOST every possible way...besides the fact that he's a dork...but i dont know...it's hard....

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Tuesday. 9.5.06 8:04 am
wow....i find it funny that we have baboons working for us...isnt that cool?...anyways...so i had an awesome night last night...i spent 106mins talking to josh...he so adorable and very dorky!....but he's ofcourse, my josh...we have the weirdest conversations ever but he's like my sunshine in my day.....he's such a dork.....anyways....i guess i'll leave it at that and just go to class....lol...

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